What's Occipital Neuralgia?

"Occipital Neuralgia" refers to the neurological condition that affects the occipital nerves, or the nerves along the neck. The symptoms of occipital neuralgia are similar to those of a migraine, due to the intensity of the headache. When the occipital nerves are inflamed or injured, the pain is localized at the back of the head and neck.

Occipital Neuralgia Symptoms

Occipital neuralgia often results in some of the following symptoms:

An aching or burning at the base of the neck, through the scalp

Pain when moving the neck

Light sensitivity

Tenderness in the scalp

Possible Causes

Injury, inflammation, or irritation to the occipital nerves can lead to occipital neuralgia. Trauma or injury to the back of the head as well as tension in the back of the neck is the most frequent causes.

Treatment Options

In some situations, treating occipital neuralgia may require medication or surgery. The Headache Response Center offers a full range of treatments, all intended to help eliminate your headaches in a way that is right for you. These include:

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