What's a Tension Headache?

Tension headaches, or tension-type headaches, are the most common type of headache. They are characterized by a mild to moderate pain across the forehead. Many effective treatments of all forms are available for alleviating tension headaches.

Tension Headache Symptoms

During a tension headache, you may experience some of the following symptoms:

Dull aching in the head

Pain across the forehead, sides, or back of head

Soreness in the neck, shoulder, or scalp

Occasional loss of appetite

Possible Causes

Although the exact causes of tension headaches are not fully understood, there are several factors that contribute to them by acting as triggers. These include:


Stress and anxiety

Poor posture, or a prolonged lack of movement


Treatment Options

Treatments for tension headaches vary depending on their intensity and frequency as well as the preferences of individual patients. The Headache Response Center offers a full range of treatments for tension headaches, all intended to help eliminate your headaches in a way that is right for you. These include:

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