Real Solutions for Migraines & Headaches

Different types of headaches require different treatment modalities to be effective. Our mission is to educate our patients about their options and work together to come up with a treatment plan to get your headaches under control. Once a treatment plan is established, most patients are able to be treated the same day. Treatments are designed to offer immediate migraine interventional pain relief as well as long term migraine management. So, whether you are calling because you are having a migraine or because you want to prevent the next headache, our comprehensive approach can meet your needs.

Migraine & Headache Treatments

Pharmacological Management

Prescription medications are an effective method of managing the pain brought on by headaches.


Physical & Manual Therapy

Exercises aimed towards reducing tension in the neck, shoulders, jaw, and forehead can help ease and prevent headaches



Using EMG and temperature regulation are biofeedback techniques used to teach headache sufferers techniques to control bodily functions that cause or aggravate headaches.


SPG Ganglion Nerve Block

A Sphenopalatine ganglion block (SPG Ganglion Block) is a block where anethetic is delivered into the nasal passage way directly to the sphenoplatine ganglion. Most patients experience immediate pain relief when the block occurs.


Occipital Nerve Block

Occipital Nerve blocks are nerve blocks administered at the back of the neck which can relieve headaches that have associated occipital pain.



Neuromodulation/Botox is a treatment that takes 5 minutes to relieve headaches in patients with chronic migraines.


Surgical Intervention

Surgical procedures that permanently relieve migraines by releasing nerves that are causing the headaches are available for chronic migraine sufferers.


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